Friday, January 8, 2016

A Few Tidbits

Thank you so much for another great first week ladies!

I will post next weeks schedule very shortly - just going to get the hubby to check it over first! In the meantime, please review the following details and make sure you inform your teammates, and/or remind them to check out the webpage for themselves.

Housekeeping Items Related To The Basketball Program That Seems To Be Running More Frequently Prior To Our Arrival:
-We are welcome to come into the gym to gear up, and warmup (on the sides/out of the way of course) while the basketball is finishing up, however if you plan on excessive chit-chatting/noisiness please wait outside the doors.

-The basketball program runs until 7pm exactly which, unfortunately, makes it difficult for us to start right on time. That being said, if my team is not playing in the early time slot, I will still be there to set-up nets so that the rest of you can focus on getting your warm up in as quickly as possible, and start as close to on time as possible.

Regular Housekeeping Items:
-Please be careful not to leave any garbage laying around.

-We MUST be OUT of the gym by 9:50pm (so please help take down nets, collect score cards, and gather balls immediately after games are complete)

-Do your best to start on time, especially in between sets (I know everyone wants a water break or time to strategize, but please be mindful of our time
constraint - if it comes down to it, you might not get through full games)

-If you have any new members/subs playing this season, be sure to have them fill out the waiver form and hand it in to myself or Mark.

Rule Reminders:
-Call your own (most specifically dirty sets, any net touches, scoops, etc.)

-You are allowed one contact/bounce off of the rafters or basketball hoops (as long as it doesn't cross the plane of the net)

-I have received payment from the following four teams: Ball Busters, Pack Attack, Set For Life, Eliminators, and Big Kahuna - THANK YOU LADIES!

-I am still waiting on payment from the following teams: Impact, Sambuca, and I'd Hit That - Please have it for next week! ($150.00 per team)

That is all for now! Thanks!

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