Sunday, September 6, 2015

2015 Fall Season

Hi everyone,

I expect that you are checking out this site because you have previously played in the Women's 6s volleyball league run by Jan Ellison at Langley Christian School.

Since Jan is stepping down this year I have offered to hopefully try to take charge of running the league. I have recently emailed the coordinator from LCS to confirm details i.e cost of gym rental as well as gym availability.

In the meantime I hope those of you interested in registering a team could please email me ( to let me know your team name and roster so that I can add it to the site. I am expecting to need 8 teams in order to cover the gym rental cost (I do not want to be paying out of my own pocket), however, until I hear back from the coordinator I do not know for sure yet how many teams I will need. I also hope to get the league started by mid September, but again, I will not know until I hear back from the coordinator.

Depending on what the coordinator comes back to me with, if I am unable to get enough women's 6s teams to cover the cost of the space, I also suggested to him that I would consider running a  weekly "drop-in" , and have it on a first come first serve-basis. Depending on the number and variety of people, perhaps we could run any variation of women's 6s, men's 6, co-ed 6s, R4s, etc.

As soon as I hear back from the coordinator at LCS I will post on this site, but in the meantime if everyone could get back to me on whether or not they are interested in participating this season (i.e. team names and rosters, or if they would prefer just an individual drop in sign up).

Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from you all!


  1. I think we can create a team. Team Sambuca
    if there are individuals out there looking to play on a team post on here. years of experience, position and level you play
    Thanks Lindsay!
    Cheers Sylvia

  2. Hi everyone!

    It doesn't look like Dani is putting in a team this season and I would still love to play- at the very least part time. I have played in the league for years for the Beaches. I play middle if needed and power. Thanks Tina