Thursday, September 17, 2015

Looking For Alternate Options

Hey Everyone,
I got a reply back from the coordinator at LCS. He says that the earliest he expects we could maybe start our season is not until mid October (work on the gym doesn't start until September 28). Because of the delayed start, he recommends that we find a different venue for this season. This is sad news because I think their price was relatively low in comparison to other venues I've rented.

It's not all bad news though, I used to have a contact at LSS from when I rented their gym a few years back, so I emailed her today and am eagerly waiting a reply.

If anyone has any other suggestions for locations in the meantime though, please let me know as I am happy to send out emails and make some calls if need be.

Also, if people could get in touch with me (either post comments on here or send me an email) and let me know what sacrifices they/their team would be willing to make if it means we get to play, i.e. pay more $, drive further, play later or earlier hrs, play on a different day, etc.

Also, if on the off chance I can't make something happen this season, are people going to be interested in playing in a January season if I can get things arranged?

Look forward to hearing from you ladies, sorry about the bad news, but let's stay optimistic that we can keep womens volleyball running locally!


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