Monday, March 28, 2016

R4s Teams - Please Register!

So far we have the following interest for coed R4s starting this Thursday: 

-Mark Watts
-Danika Schutte
-Chantal Bruce 
-Marika Togeretz 

-Celine Charbonneau (team of 4 girls?)

Subs/looking for a team:
-Trevor Robins (604 319 8545)
-Mark Uvacik (604 781 8571)
-Chris Lim (604 217 9399)
-Travis Priebe 
-Natasha Smith (778 999 1788)

I understand it's a long weekend and all so people are probably busy with family stuff, but please please please get your teams rounded up so we can have a fun, competitive season! 

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