Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 1: Thursday February 2, 2017

Hey ladies, 

Here is the schedule for week 1:

645pm - 800pm
Court 1
-Shanice vs. Eliminators
-Shanice vs. Impact

Court 2
-Impact vs. Sambuca
-Eliminators vs. Sambuca

815pm - 930pm
Court 1
-It's Big vs. Barely Legal
-It's Big vs. Marika

Court 2
-Marika vs. I'd Hit That
-Barely Legal vs. I'd Hit That

Don't forget to bring waivers and payment ($120.00 per team).

Also, a few rule reminders (aside from the basics):
-No net touch what so ever
-One bounce off the rafters is fine as long as it does not cross the plane of the net
-If you are not playing with a full team of six, you still must have at least 1 back row player (ie your server)
-Any discrepancy lasting more than 5 seconds = re-serve

Look forward to seeing everyone back in the gym this week!

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