Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winter 2017 Update

Hey Ladies, 

Here are some updates:

I have eight teams confirmed for this winter 2017: 
-I'ts Big (Lindsay Watts)
-Sambuca (Danika Dvorak)
-Barely Legal (Shelby Dawn)
-I'd Hit That (Ashley Bowkett)
-Shanice Lee
-Impact (Celine Charbonneau)
-Eliminators (Taylor Kitteringham)
-Marika Togeretz

I have one team on the "wait list" that I would like to accommodate if possible:
-Sarah Rempel

If I do take a 9th team I would have to have 1 team sit every week, and with an already shorter season than usual I don't want you ladies to feel like you aren't getting enough play time. I'm hoping we will finish April 13 or 20th (including playoffs). Please let me know your thoughts? I know some teams are short players certain weeks, so maybe sitting once in a while might actually be an advantage?

Also, originally I was hoping to get started Thursday February 2, 2017 however, I have spoken with the athletic coordinator at ACSS and she informs me that there could potentially be another scheduling conflict. The gym may be taken by the basketball program on February 2 and 9th. She said she should know by January 28. If there is a conflict, she is going to try to see if she could give us Wednesday February 1 and 8th instead, but again there is no certainty yet.

I will keep you all posted as I find out more however, please be ready to play by early February :)


P.s. I do plan to run Reverse 4s in the Spring 2017 until the end of the school year. 

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