Monday, October 26, 2015

Progress Report

After receiving some feedback over the past couple of weeks, I've decided for now we will continue this season in the following manner:

-Two pools: 7-815pm, and 830-945pm.

-Each team will play two teams from their pool, two sets to 21 (hard cap).

I understand some of you are still feeling rushed after the adjustment I made from week 1 to week 2, and others felt the improvement was sufficient. Please keep in mind I am making my decision in an attempt to build and maintain a strong relationship with the school, to give the players the most total points out of the game time, and to keep a competitive spirit in the teams you play each week.

Our time frame is from 7-950pm (not 10pm like I was originally told), meaning we have to be cleaned up, and cleared out by 950pm. If we go even 1 minute beyond the 950 time frame, it becomes an overtime issue with the custodial staff's Union (and that is not an area I am willing to get involved with). So regardless if you are the 1st or 2nd time slot, please continue to arrive early and get warmed up as quickly as possible.

I will do my best this week to not be so strict with "forcing games to start" before teams have had a chance to "regroup", however, keep in mind that if you let your warm ups or water breaks run too long into your play time, you may not make it through all the sets, and that will be reflected in total points and your win/loss ratio. 

This brings me to my next topic, the Standings. I have not yet posted them because I was still trying to decide how to line everyone up. So far my plan is to have two teams "move up or down" based on wins/losses/points from the previous week (I will do my best to accommodate specific requests for start times if need be), but overall timing will be based on play level.

I will be posting this weeks schedule shortly.

Thanks again!


  1. Thanks so much Lindsey! I will ask Jan for the balls and scorecards.
    I start at 8:30 so if someone else lives in Walnut Grove and they start at 7:00 maybe they can swing by and grab the balls? Or I can just bring tem at 8:30 :)
    Thanks again.
    Cheers Sylvia 604 724 6682